We Specialize in iPhone and Samsung Screen repair.

Our repairs are done to such a high-quality standard that We offer Life-Time Warranty and 7 days Money Back Guarantee. For your peace of mind.

Excellent Customer Service.

12 years experience in Cell Phone Repair We know Customer Service Just as well as we know how to repair. We don’t just welcome when you walk in, we prepare ourselves to make sure we understand your concerns and address them. Our aim is keeping you satisfied.

7 Days Money Back Guarantee on Screen Repair.

We are proud to be one and only Repair Center in Katy and Houston, Offers this service to our customers. it's always good to have that peace of mind when you're fully covered.

Lifetime Warranty.

Nothing is more frustrating then getting a repair done only to discover days or years that it’s defective. But we warranty all repairs for Life. which covers any type of defect in the part. Excluding Accidental or water damaged devices.

Top-Rated Cell Phone Repair for iPhone and Samsung.

XG Cell Phone Repair is a highly rated and customer satisfaction based Phone, iPad, laptop and tablet repair shop with location in Katy Texas also serving Houston Texas We almost do any phone repair for a fraction of the price it would cost you to buy a new one! And the best part we use so we give lifetime warranty on all repairs.

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