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Best Samsung Cell Phone Repair In Katy Texas 2019

Common Smartphone Damages Needing Repairs

Samsung Cell Phone Repair is expensive when you bring it to official Samsung Stores. It’s what we would expect from this large tech business. We can all agree that their parts are original since they are the provider, sometimes the fee for repairing even the smallest problems is just too much.

That is where our services come in, especially when it comes to any Samsung Phone Repair concerns.

We have fixed a lot of Samsung phones, and our experience in repairing smartphones have made us one of the authority sites in Katy when it comes to this type of service.

On Smartphone Issues

Research published by SquareTrade, an Allstate company, showed us the most common causes of smartphone damages that needed repairs.

The research showed that 66% of smartphone owners have damaged their phones in a year, and 29 % of that have cracked screens.

Some 29% are due to scratched screens, 27% are batteries not working, 22% had touchscreen issues, and chipped corners at 16 percent.

Owner Induced Damages

Remember that feeling when you have a new smartphone? It felt like having a new baby, and you’d do everything you can to protect it from damages.

You go buy the best screen protectors, phone cases, and eye-catching accessories.

A few months later, our own clumsiness often is the cause of phone damage. The most common causes of smartphone damage are:

  • Dropping the phone on the ground which is estimated to be at 74%
  • Smartphones being dropped in water are given a rating of 39%
  • Phones falling out of our pockets are rated at 49%
  • Falling off or being knocked off a table or counter is at 38%
  • Landing on the toilet because of our clumsiness has a 26% share
  • Phones falling out of our bags are at 22%

Our Most Requested Samsung Cell Phone Repair Services

Make no mistake, Samsung phones are one of the best smartphones in the market when it comes to quality and durability. It’s our own clumsiness and sometimes lack of attention to our gadgets that cause accidents.

Samsung Screen Repair

The importance of smartphone glass technology cannot be overstated. Every few months, smartphone companies make releases and update their products. Screen touch response and durability is a significant factor when selling their smartphones to the public.

Is your Samsung screen broken? Then give us a call, we will have it fixed for you as part of our fast Samsung Cell Phone Repair Service.

A broken Samsung Screen is very unpleasant user experience. Most of the users would also want to avoid paying the price to have it repaired and would instead conduct a “Do It Yourself Fix.”

What You Should Not Do When Your Samsung Screen Is Broken

Never try to buy a DIY kit and attempt to do a Samsung Screen Repair or any screen repair for that matter. Your lack of experience will cause more damage than doing anything good your smartphone.

DIY kits also do not come with the same quality material that your Samsung Screen has. Our business is built just for that. We stock all Samsung grade quality parts and screens for your needs.

Bring your device over to our shop, and we will conduct a Samsung screen repair for you. If you are worried about the price, we are definitely negotiable.

Samsung Battery Replacement

Your Samsung batteries are designed to last for quite some time. An average of 1 to 2 years is the estimated lifespan of regular battery performance. When your battery reaches this point, they start to drain a lot quicker than usual.

You tend to charge more often but also lose power faster.

If you don’t want to buy a new battery just yet, then we can help you with that. We’ve got the equipment, skills, and experience to do the task for your Samsung cell phone battery.

Samsung Cell Phone Water Damage Repair

Today, you can now purchase a waterproof phone. As much as manufacturers want us to believe that waterproof phones exist, these phones are still at risk for water damage.

These waterproof Samsung smartphones phones are often too expensive to purchase and to repair.

Here are tips you can test when your phone is water damaged

Wipe it dry with a clean cloth and leave it out to dry Never turn it on, turning it on can short circuit the motherboard. You can put it in a container with rice, the rice will absorb all moisture Remove the sim card, battery, and memory card. Once you have done all of these steps, call us and bring your device into our repair shop

Samsung Cell Phone Camera Repair

If your camera is not working, here are a few tips you can try that might help you.

  • Remove the battery from your Samsung phone, wait for at least 10 seconds and then turn it on again
  • Try to perform a factory reset option. Hold the power button, the volume up, and the home altogether. If you do this, a menu will pop up on the screen and choose the factory-reset.

If these tips aren’t helping, then bring your phone over to us for repair. Our highly skilled technicians are waiting to help you fix this issue.

Samsung Charging Port Repair

There is no way you can charge your Samsung phone when the charging port is broken. Aside from having issues with your batteries, charging ports that aren’t working means you can’t charge your batteries at all

A broken charging phone means that it can’t detect any power source to connect your battery. It may have been distorted or obstructed and needs to be fixed.

We are trained precisely to do just that as part of our Samsung Cell Phone Repair Service. Bring your Samsung smartphone over to our shop, and we will have it up and running again in no time.

Our Repair Cost, Speed, and Warranty

It is in our desire to have our customers feel satisfied not just in our repair services, but also in our prices. We do our best to have very reasonable prices for all the Samsung cell phone repair services you get.

Below is a list of prices we have for all our repairs. Compare our Samsung screen repair prices in Katy!

Samsung Screen RepairStarting $89.99
Samsung Battery RepairStarting $49.99
Samsung Charging Port RepairStarting $75.00
Liquid Damage ServiceStarting $29.99
Samsung Cell Phone Camera RepairStarting $45.00
Diagnostics ServiceWe offer free diagnostic.

Generally, we have the same day repair policy. When you have issues with your Samsung device, we try to finish it on the same day that you’ve brought it into our shop. The only exception to our “Same Day Repair Policy” is when the damage needs more attention than the usual fix.

Our Samsung cell phone repair services offer a lifetime warranty for all our customers. You can breathe easy and be assured of the high customer service quality we give our clients for Samsung screen repair.

So, don’t waste a minute of your time now and book an appointment now at the best Samsung Cell Phone Repair in Katy Texas.

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