When do I get my device back?

We do most repairs at lightning speed. Lets’ say iPhone screen repair, our fully equipped experienced technicians can complete this repair within 20 Minutes but some devices  can take 1-2 hours such as Samsung screen repair which has different longer procedure.

Why we claim our screens are better than big brand competitors in Katy/Houston?

Our Quality is just as good as the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). Mostly vendors can only supply Chinese after market quality screen. We Remanufacture the Original Screen Locally at our remanufacturing facility with such a high quality, We offer 7 Days Money Back Guarantee.

What to do before you bring in your device?

We recommend you perform a device back-up, some repair require reset or can cause data loss, XG Cell Phone Repair is not responsible for any loss,

After repair service

    • 7 Days Full Money Back Guarantee on Screen Repair:

      If you don’t get what we told you have 7 days to get a full refund (Accidental or Water Damaged not covered)

  • Life-Time Warranty:

    The part is covered for life against any manufacturer defect (Physical, Accidental or Water damage is not covered). Battery replacement comes with 6 months limited warranty