Our Approach

We repair a variety of devices from the iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, LG G Series, motorola, nokia, Google Nexus, iPad and tablets. We have entensive experience with almost every brand and regularly conduct research on the most cutting edge technology and solutions. We fix the newest devices on the market as well as the good old iPhone 4, LG G3, Galaxy S3 and Samsung Note 2. Our Katy based service center offers a quick 30 minute turnaround for most devices and with our experience we can easily address all of your device issues. We stock up on all inventory of parts, allowing us to get your smartphone back to you within a matter of minutes. We have a highly expanding loyal customer base and we hope that you will give us a chance to provide you the most economic and fast service. we are proud to be one of the very few in Houston and Katy who provide undivided attention before and after services are completed

Our Story

Passionate about anything he sets his mind to, Ali "Founder" contributes to XG Cell phone Repair as a public relations and master tech. You will find him talking just about anything, from football to car tuning or gadget care and upgrades. He graduated from the University College London (UCL) U.K in 2009 where he cultivated some of his best friendships, work ethic and his professional I.T tech skills. Previously, he worked as a tech and research assistant at highstreet cellphone company in London, U.K as an intern as well as various other eclectic positions that gives him experience to overcome in challenging repair you have have. These and many other qualities have allowed him to work enthusiastically with our small yet the most powerful cell phone and gadget Repaing team in katy, Texas since 2014